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A face I've missed

It's pretty neat that my tattoo is already healed completely, 11.5 days after my last appointment. That's due mostly to Jimmy's skill as a tattoo artist, but also in part to something he does afterward that I've never had another artist do: cover the tattoo for a few minutes in a hot, wet paper towel. Also, this last appointment was shading, which seems to be easier to recover from than the original outline. Whatever it was, I'm really happy, because it was awesome to be able to go back to the pool so soon today, and it was nice to see Zoey. She was in this chair by the front door, and hung out near my corner of the pool for most of my swim.


Lip Locked 348 was today's soundtrack, and it was great. Lots of songs I know and love, a couple of unfamiliar mixes of other stuff I like, and awesome basslines in tracks I wasn't familiar with.

Here's a weird shot of the moon behind a cloud I got on my way out of the swim center. It was emerging as I drove out, but I didn't feel like stopping the car.


Yesterday was quite the shitshow after all. I was supposed to meet Dale at 11:15 while Barbara got her haircut, then we'd have lunch before her doctor appointment. They pushed that to 11:30 because Dale's ferry was late. When we ordered our lunch, the cook decided to go get the stuff he was out of instead of asking the bartender if we'd like to switch our order, and he took forever even though we were three doors down from QFC. And he got sweetened tea for her, which she can't even drink. He brought out the lunches one at a time, hers first so she got a few bites, his just in time to take to go, and mine after they left.

Fast forward a few hours, they've gone to Safeway for a ton of groceries and then got in an accident. So I picked up Barbara and transferred the groceries to my car, brought her home and put everything away, and went back for him. That took forever because his SUV was on the tow truck and we needed his cables to jump her car with my car so he'd have a way to get back to Whidbey Island. Then it took forever to figure out how to pop her hood. I had no idea some cars need the battery power to release the hood and you have to stick a screwdriver through the grill if the battery's dead. Hooboy. Thankfully they only have minor scrapes and soreness from the airbags, but the bad news is that during her appointment earlier in the day, they found a mass in Barbara that may or may not be cancer, but will have to be removed either way.

I'm really bummed for Barbara and hope she'll take more advantage of my availability for shopping and other errands. She's been in a lot of pain lately and there's no reason for her to drag herself out when I can bring her whatever she wants.


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