christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Snowed in

We were supposed to go to the casino with Bev and Dennis yesterday (they're my inlaws if you're new) but it started snowing a couple of hours before time to go, and they called to cancel. It continued snowing all day, and when I looked out the window at 4am today, everything was still pretty snowy. I went back to bed, and based on the amount of snow that was still around, plus what the forecast called for, we canceled our plans today. I feel bad, because due to a misunderstanding, my friend thought until yesterday that I was picking her up for the show today. That was cleared up, but then I told her today we weren't going at all. Hopefully she's having a great time, this is her first Dina Martina Christmas Show.

We had a great time yesterday at home, though, and today's been nice as well. We took a Blue Apron delivery this week and I made the first of the three dishes for lunch. Pork chops with roasted Brussels sprout freekeh salad and a clementine chutney. Very tasty. And the mise en place was pretty.

Mise en place

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