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Food, friends, and fun

Tuesday afternoon was nice. I picked Barbara up and we met Dale down at Arnie's for a very belated birthday lunch with him. Over a month late. But he'd taken a trip and she's had all her doctor appointments. The accident they were in last week was deemed his fault, which makes sense because he never saw the car that hit them coming, which means he couldn't see into the lane they were crossing. It's pretty obvious the other car was speeding, but that can't really be proved. Anyway, he'd gotten that news in the morning and really didn't want to come out, but he felt a lot better after walking to the ferry and standing on deck as it crossed, plus we had a great time and I gave him an air plant in a stained glass setting. He's an accomplished stained glass maker and really liked it. We didn't take photos during, but the views were amazing, and we left just in time to see the start of the sunset.


Dinner was a nice and easy Indian one. Chicken samosas, chicken tikka masala, and palak paneer (from frozen) plus some cottage cheese and a whole wheat pita split between us. Good stuff. I love cottage cheese with spicy stuff.

Last night's dinner

My swim today was really nice. The swim team was there and respectfully used their three lanes. There were probably about eight guys per lane, so it was funny to see some of the other swimmers baffled by the prospect of getting 2-3 in the other lanes. But I also swear, so many of the guys that swim do 10-15 minutes tops and spend the vast majority of the time there talking and sitting in the sauna and hot tub. The very full pool was a good excuse to stand around in the water and talk.

I was just glad I had my earbuds, the sound of a coach yelling annoys me so much.

Later on I spotted the best Christmas decoration I've seen in a while.


For lunch I got to try something totally new. The pho-rrito! They've been around in Los Angeles and other places for a while, but I spotted one on a local place's Yelp recently and was very excited to try it. It's funny, though. They haven't updated their online menu or Facebook, there's just a customer photo someone put on Yelp. That's what brought me in for it, and I heard the next two people after me come in and it was obvious they'd also seen that customer photo. Pretty wild.

Pardon the bite mark. I hate photos of food with a bite taken, but that was the only way to show what it was.


For dinner, I made our third Blue Apron meal of the week, chicken khao soi. Very good dish and of course it was a lot of work like theirs always are. And I very nearly served it without a major ingredient! I was about to put the crispy pan-fried noodles on top when I spotted the packet of coconut palm sugar on the counter. Luckily I was able to dump everything back in a pot, add it and mix it, then re-plate. I used two new bowls instead of wiping them out because I was in a hurry. No biggie.




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