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The holidays begin

I had a nice, early walk at the tank farm this morning, but didn't want to stay too long because I had a lot of stuff to do.

Today's awesome walk, 4.58 miles in 1:27, 9,732 steps
4.58 miles in 1:27, 9,732 steps

It was still dark when I left, so I didn't take any pictures. Still managed to have some fun with Snapchat, though. Yesterday I finally got their newest feature, which lets you create your own image stickers from photos. Not physical ones, but your own personal library to go along with the emojis and bitmojis. It's not really easy to use yet and one problem is that you can't delete them out of the library, but as with everything else on there, it'll get better. One thing I really appreciate about Snapchat is that they're always making it more fun to use and adding extra stuff. Instagram is, too, but mostly just by copying Snapchat.

When I got home, I took out the garbage and recycling, showered, then got dressed so I could get gas for my car and go to the grocery store for dishwashing liquid. We'll go through lots of dishes this weekend, and I definitely didn't want to run out. There's also a sale right now, four Red Baron pizzas for $10, so that's a nice addition to the chest freezer in the garage. There was also some seafood salad 50% off in the manager's special area, so I ate a seafood salad wrap for breakfast. Wish I knew while I was at the store that we only had two tortillas left.

There were some very neat clouds out while I was there.


I never really noticed how awesome these trees across the street from the store are. I love when a photo looks like an ink drawing.


I wrapped a present for Garrett today and the paper lined up perfectly. This was so intensely satisfying.


A friend's coming over to stay the night and we've got a big piece of pork in the slow cooker to make sandwiches of later. Garrett took today off and we're both off tomorrow and Monday. Looking forward to the break.



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