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A different kind of white Christmas

My brother and sister-in-law aren't coming today, and neither are one niece's husband and son (probably), so it no longer made sense to have Bev and Dennis show up for breakfast and then also host a lunch later. Now we'll be doing brunch with Bev and Dennis arriving at 11:00 for gift exchange and the nieces joining at noon. There's so much food. Since nobody was showing up early, that meant I could go out for a walk this morning, which wasn't the original plan. I decided to go over to the very affluent neighborhoods around 92nd in Mukilteo, hoping to see some good Christmas lights. The drive over was one of the foggiest of my life.

The neighborhoods were surprisingly free of lights. There were some here and there, but not to the degree that I expect rich people to turn out. Rich people are generally disappointing, though.

Because it was Christmas, I decided to finally follow the access road where the Big Gulch trail head is all the way to the end, where the water treatment plant is, figuring nobody would be around to care. The gate is pretty far from the building, though, so in the dark I could just see a fence and some lighting. Oh well. I'm sad to report that my lower back and left knee started hurting when I began the climb back up, so that was slow and miserable.


Today's awesome walk, 3.5 miles in 1:20, 8,320 steps, 339ft gain
3.5 miles in 1:20, 8,320 steps, 339ft gain

The drive home, while less dramatic, was still pretty neat. I especially liked how the fog got so thick as I approached our neighborhood.

Because I wasn't planning to walk today, I walked yesterday, too. Really early. Langus Riverfront Park is perfect in the dark, though, and for the most part, I didn't see anyone.


There were some people in a boat with flashlights, but we managed to stay pretty far away from each other the entire time I could see them. I didn't see anyone else until right after I took this.


After that, I saw tons of people rowing with a coach. Guess Saturday's the big day for that, which makes sense.

Yesterday's awesome walk, 6.8 miles in 2:09, 14,433 steps
6.8 miles in 2:09, 14,433 steps

While I was out yesterday, Garrett did all the prep for today's meal. Then we visited his grandma, then had dinner with Bev and Dennis. Pretty great weekend!

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