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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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The hardest part of a long weekend is falling asleep at a reasonable time on the last night of it. I slept in until 5:40 or so on Monday because I forgot to set my alarm, so when bedtime came last night, I wasn't quite ready for it. So it wasn't the longest night of sleep ever, but I wanted to get out for a nice long walk because I knew I'd be on conference calls all afternoon. When I decided I wanted to go really far, I decided Langus was the place. I've come to really like the strange beauty in the darkness there.



There was a really neat effect on the water this morning, when the wind, shadows, and light all combined to make everything flutter. This video is a small glimpse of the show I enjoyed for quite a while.

Today's awesome walk, 7.93 miles in 2:25, 16,481 steps
7.93 miles in 2:25, 16,481 steps

I've been hanging out there in the dark for a while, so I haven't been going over to the island. Today I figured, I may as well do it, and just turn back once I got to the Easternmost part. The trail is usually pretty overgrown South of there, so it wouldn't be fun in the dark. It was nice to be there again today.

Testing ended a little earlier than I originally planned for today, due to an oversight. We could have kept going, but we would have had to re-test some things, so it made sense to quit for the day. Which was fine, as I was exhausted.