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Denied, denied again

Had a very good Wednesday swim, though I got there half an hour later than normal. I was close to the end of a work project I was helping out on, and decided it'd be better to finish and send it out than try to get back on it later. It was the repetitive, tedious type I'm becoming known as the go-to guy for, and it's easy to keep going once there's a rhythm established.

The swim center installed a fancy towel warmer.

The swim center installed a fancy towel warmer

I also took an early lunch before finishing the day with a couple more hours in the afternoon. Garrett left his phones and wallet at home, so once I was at a good stopping place in the tests my boss was helping me with, I ran those to him, and then headed to the new sushi restaurant and lounge in our old neighborhood that I've been wanting to check out. It was not meant to be. Their hours are weekdays are silly, 2pm-midnight. If they don't want to do lunch service, 2pm seems like a weird time to open. I just checked, and the first happy hour of the day is 3-6pm, so there's just this first hour that's not lunch or happy hour. Huh.

I may have mentioned that my dream is to win the lottery and open an '80s theme bar here in Everett. That lounge is one of the locations that's been empty a long time that I thought might be good for it, but I see today that it'd be a pain. Their parking lot is really small compared to the size of the building, and they have valet service according to all the reviews.

Since that didn't work out, I decided to finally have a look at another of the potential locations I've had my eye on. It's a Mexican seafood restaurant in an upstairs location that might have some cool views, and I always liked the cheesy neon that's all over the building. Now I'm curious if the space might be available again soon. Their website is offline, and when I got there today, there were two people at tables off to the side, nobody came up to greet me, and the kitchen was dark. And they definitely didn't fix the place up when they moved in a year or so ago. Really run down with depressing old carpets, filthy, with furniture that looks like it's about to fall apart. So I left and got a burger at our neighborhood bar. Always a good choice, especially since burgers are half price at lunch on weekdays.

Before anyone asks why I don't just try to open a bar, it's because I doubt it'd do well and I wouldn't want to lose everything trying. It's the kind of project I'd like to do if it didn't really matter.

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