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LJ PSA: time for DW

I'm always the first one to turn my nose up and shrug at whatever people are worried about online, but I'm deeply invested enough here now and also worried about Russian politics more than ever. It's pretty easy to see how our journals could finally be swept up in an argument we're not even part of. I just copied my LJ using the steps below, and it took less than two minutes to set up. I do a lot of my chores on Thursday, so I may as well make Thursday the day each week that I update my backup over there. I'd really rather not have to switch to that site entirely, but at least it's all set up should the need arise.
Originally posted by dr_tectonic at LJ PSA: time for DW
For those who still occasionally use or have fond memories of LiveJournal:

It sounds like there's a non-zero chance that Russian political shenanigans are happening that could cause LJ to implode in the relatively near future. Details:

Even if you're never intending to post there again, I would encourage everybody who's still got an LJ account to import it to DreamWidth. It's a chunk of our collective shared history, and I think it would be a shame to lose it.

And, more importantly, you can do it easily and for free.
1) Go to DreamWidth and make a new free account:
2) Log in
3) Go to the Import Journal page, give it your LJ login info, and click the buttons:

That's it!

Do your part to help out future historians. And give sentimental softies like me the ability to look back with fond nostalgia on our shared past by reading old entries. :)

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