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Looking ahead

Today was a fairly typical Thursday down at the tank farm, but the tide was very high so there was no beach over at the Mukilteo side. It was dark the entire time and I didn't see much, but I'm quite happy with the one photo I took.


Today's awesome walk, 4.76 miles in 1:34, 10,340 steps
4.76 miles in 1:34, 10,340 steps

One thing I suddenly see every time I'm there or at Langus is a very long row of red aviation lights on a distant hillside. They stretch for what looks like a mile or more, but it's hard to estimate. I can't tell exactly where they are, so I also can't tell how close one might be able to get to them, but I've got tomorrow off from work and have decided it's time to finally find out. I'll get up, make some breakfast while the coffee's brewing, and head out as soon as I can. Tonight I'll study the map and add some pins where I think I need to head. Thankfully there aren't may roads out that way so the odds are pretty good I'll find it.

I'll also be on the lookout for backup walk locations out that way. If I can't get close enough for a good look, I may as well not waste all the driving. It might be close to the Lime Kiln Train, which I'd like to see again, but it might not be a good winter destination.

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