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Fog I hate (for a change), and a bonus walk

Somewhere Northwest of Everett on the lower part of a very long big hill or small mountain is a row of red lights I assume is meant to stop planes from crashing on their way into the Arlington. I can see it from Mukilteo as well as from Langus and I really want to get a closer look. It appears to stretch for at least a mile, so if there's a way to get there, it might make for a cool walk. Since I had the day off yesterday, I decided to head out early and try to find it. It didn't go so well. It might have, if it weren't for the thick fog. For all I know, I was right by them at some point in my two-hour, forty-minute adventure. At one point I gave up and went to a nature preserve in Arlington, but it was too dark to explore somewhere I'd never been. So I gave up and went to Langus. It was a nice change of pace since I've been there in the dark so much recently.


I took tons of photos, so click over to flickr if you'd like to see more than what's here.


A nice fog was rolling in on the island side, so I went over there even though I wasn't originally planning to.

Yesterday's first awesome walk, 5.12 miles in 2:00, 12,322 steps
5.12 miles in 2:00, 12,322 steps

The fog, surprisingly, was really thick back in town and especially at home.

I was surprised to see Garrett's car was gone when I got home, as the original plan for the day was for him to catch an Uber to work and get a ride to the happy hour he took his team to, which I'd join them for, and drive home. I decided while I was having lunch at the buffet that I'd walk, and drive us home in his car. I've always kind of wanted to walk down there, even though it's on a busy street the whole way. The other time I thought about it was Dennis and Bev's anniversary, and I didn't want to show up soaked in rain for that. Yesterday was really nice, though.

It would have been a really nice walk, but my lower back was really stiff. I enjoyed the scenery in spite of the pain.


Yesterday's second awesome walk, 5.76 miles in 1:52, 12,364 steps, 364ft gain
5.76 miles in 1:52, 12,364 steps, 364ft gain

The left side of the map should look pretty familiar because I'm down there most Thursdays, and Japanese Gulch is close to the 5-mile mark. The happy hour was lots of fun. Everything's always tasty at Arnie's and the views are great. I also really like Garrett's team. And we don't really do New Year's Eve so it was nice to get out for a bit.


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