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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Yesterday's walk was a shitshow, mainly due to my decisions. It'd been a long time since I went to Lowell and when I saw it was foggy out, I figured it'd be really neat down there. But it was a freezing fog, which I discovered when I slid on a patch of ice at the top of the stairs at the entrance of the park. The stairs were completely iced over, so I turned around and headed North on the street, planning to enter by the new houses being built. The walk was pretty treacherous the entire way, with little patches of ice everywhere.


The construction site certainly looked neat with so many of the staged homes lit up in the fog.


The path really wasn't any better than the street was, and I eventually turned back so I could make my way out on the gravel trails. This is from right before I headed back up the hill.


This was the first time I ever dumped out my hydration pack to find any unmelted ice cubes still inside. That may be due more to the shorter walk than to the temperature outside, though.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 3.89 miles in 1:22, 8,771 steps
3.89 miles in 1:22, 8,771 steps

If I could do it over again, I'd go in the way I came out and spend the entire time on the gravel trails. Or just go to the island instead.

The fog was still thick for the drive home. A lot of people don't like driving in fog, but I always have. It's neat.

Unfortunately, my lower back hurt a lot during the walk and having to walk like a penguin much of the time to avoid falling didn't help matters. I stayed in this morning (mostly due to yesterday's festivities) and will probably spend the rest of the week doing yoga and swimming. The timing's good, as this will be a very busy week at work. I've got lots of testing to do, and lots of documentation to write and update.

Today we've watched the first four episodes of Travelers and are on the second episode of The Crown. Both are Netflix originals and are great so far.

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Those are some great shots!

I love being out in the fog, but invisible ice is absolutely terrible. I hope your back is feeling better soon.

Thank you. It's always an issue if I stand in place too long, but I have to take action when it hurts while I walk.

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