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Baby steps

My last walks were a week ago, 5+ miles in the morning and the afternoon, just shy of 11 miles total. My lower back was already unhappy by that time, and that second walk basically finished me off. I feel a bit better after three days of an hour of swimming and the 20-minute Yoga for Your Back routine I always turn to when this happens. So I went down to the tank farm, even though it was cold as hell. I forgot to bring my mp3 player, so it wasn't as fun. At least I saw some good graffiti.


Today's awesome walk, 3.24 miles in 1:03, 7,001 steps
3.24 miles in 1:03, 7,001 steps

I was originally planning to head over to Mukilteo Beach because the tide was low, but I was cut off by a very long line of ferry traffic. That was fine, because it's even colder over there due to wind coming off the water. And I was happy with my first walk of the week being a shorter one. Don't want to overdo it.


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