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A use for the cold

Thinking I'd head out a little later than I have been on Sundays so I wouldn't have to wait as long for the sun to come up, I moved my alarm from 4:30am to 5:00. But Steve meowed at my door at 4:15 or so and I could only let him lay directly on my chest for pets for so long. So I was out of bed and making coffee by 4:45, and got to my parking spot at about 6:00.


It was a nice morning, though. A little warmer than it has been, and a lot more comfortable, even if that first part by the river is always the coldest. There was a good view again of the headlights shimmering on the water when I got to the part that runs parallel to the highway.

I made my way Northwest as usual to the point where I usually turn around, and did just that. But when I got to the part I've always wanted to go but couldn't because it was muddy, I realized I finally could. A week of below-freezing temperatures left all the mud frozen solid and all the water frozen in sheets.


That last one's my favorite photo of the day. But I was also happy to finally be able to get up close to this tree.


After that, I climbed up on what I thought was just a big hill of dirt that I've always seen by the mud, some more newly-walkable land stretched out behind that. And I have no idea what it was ever for, but a big stretch of that land is covered with large beams of wood.


Then I went further-than-ever-before to the East, and then realized what I should really do was go back to that first Northwest part and keep going. There's a gate you can climb through, but I've always turned back there because it was muddy beyond it. Not today!


I could have gone quite a bit further, but I'd already gone 5.5 miles and knew I was at least a few miles from the car, so I turned back. Some time when the weather's warmer and the sun's up earlier, I'll follow it all the way to the end.

On the way back, I got a good look at how icy everything around there really was. I could tell in the dark that it was a lot of ice, but couldn't really make it out until then.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 8.26 miles in 2:56, 18,754 steps
8.26 miles in 2:56, 18,754 steps

After last week's backaches, I really only wanted to go about five miles today, but the opportunities to explore were irresistible. Hopefully I won't regret it, but tomorrow's a swim day anyway.

The drive home wasn't super interesting, but I processed the video anyway.

The rest of the day has been cooking, chores, and watching lots of episodes of Travelers on Netflix. I really like this show and hope it does well.



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