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Every time I go swimming I get a few minutes into it before I see someone grab some dumbbells on their way to the pool. Not the regular kind, but the ones that float. Every time, I think, I should look up how to use those when I go home. Then I forget until the next time I'm in the pool. This has been going on for weeks, but I finally remembered just now, because I sat down to type about something else I tried today.

I did three days of yoga with swimming last week and figured I should try combining the two. Not that paddleboard yoga that's all the rage. That sounds awful. It takes the fun out of being in the pool and adds extra frustration to the yoga. Pass! But I figured a lot of the benefits I get from yoga come from all the bending and twisting, so why not do more of that while I'm treading water? There's no way to do a plank in the deep end, but you can easily do a variation on a cat-cow or a reclined twist. So I was moving around all sorts of different ways in the pool today, and enjoyed it a lot.

Just now while looking for dumbbell exercises, I was beginning to worry that they were all standing exercises for the shallow end, but then halfway through the second video I found one that's paired with kicking while leaning forward a bit and floating, so I'll give that a shot Wednesday.

Saturday we went to brunch with Lisa and I wore the second of the shirts Garrett got me for Christmas.


The cucumber in my water seemed apprehensive, but the bloodies were happy to be there.


The current air plant setup in the kitchen, not including the two in refrigerator magnet holders.


Sam and Steve enjoying some cuddle time.


The mise en place from yesterday's Blue Apron lunch, guacamole burgers with roasted sweet potato and red onion. Good stuff.


And it's been a very busy week for my barber. She decided to stop taking cash because a lot of the smaller businesses in the neighborhood have been robbed lately, and hopes that a "no cash" sign out front will signal that any would-be robbers should keep walking. Our local independent blogger gets his hair cut there, and wrote a story about it, which caught the attention of the local Fox, ABC, and CBS affiliates. She happened to be only one of two reasons I ever used cash, the other being lottery tickets. Plus I make sure there's some money in my checking account when I go to WinCo because they only take cash, check, and debit.

Sam with a ping pong ball:

Steve being creepy:


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