christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Holiday remnants

As I headed out the door today, I hadn't decided yet if I should go to the river at Lowell or the marina, but the marina won out. It looked a little foggy and I was in the mood for a foggy marina, but it was clear down there. Most of the holiday decorations are gone down there, just a few boat lights left.


When I got there, the Boeing Glow wasn't much to look at, but I was fascinated by the huge plumes rising up from there. But every time I looked back, it looked cooler.


Seriously, it started to look like a sunrise or something. I took that last photo pulled out more to show that you can see the tank farm where I walk on Thursdays on the right, plus Boeing, which means Japanese Gulch is one of the dark areas on the hill leading up. I really miss all the trails there and am starting to look forward to Summer more than I ever have in my entire life. Or at least since I was in school.

Today's special.


Today's awesome walk, 5.69 miles in 1:50, 12,232 steps
5.69 miles in 1:50, 12,232 steps

I had a little time for a shower and breakfast, then I got my hair cut. She always does a great job.

Got my ears lowered.


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