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I got a nice solid start on a big, long test case this morning before taking a break to hit the pool. Today I retired the colorful suit on the left and used the black one for the first time.

Old swimsuit, new swimsuit

I really liked that one on the left, but the leg holes got progressively looser. For the last two swims, I added a swim jock just in case, and wasn't super worried. But on Monday when I got out of the pool, I could see the leg flapping around in my reflection in the window. That style of swimsuit's just not supposed to move around that much. The black one's the exact same brand and size, and worked great today, so now we wait. My hope is that it was just a manufacturing defect and the new one will last much longer, and if that's the case, I may have found my new favorite suit. If it stretches out, too, I've got one more in blue, and then it'll be time to move on, or do the math and figure out if they're still worth it. I got them for $7 or so, so they might still be worth it. That's really why I post about things like this, so I can go back and look.

My barber gave me some treats her cat didn't like yesterday, but I left them behind, so she asked me to show up today while yet another news crew came to film. That took way longer than I thought it would, but that's fine. I hit the Asian grocery store for some treats and a banh mi on the way home, and found a nice rice paper item in the deli I hadn't had before. So lunch became that and half a banh mi, and then I got back to work.

Long story short, a small mistake like a typo can have a big impact on a long test, so I ended up re-doing everything. Then I had what I thought were different results than the developer and had to consult him about that. The matter is still ongoing, as he's in Georgia an probably hasn't seen my last email.

Dinner tonight is amazing. I say "is" because I'm slowly savoring it. It's spicy shrimp and Korean rice cakes from Blue Apron, and it's one of the best recipes of theirs I've made. The reason I'm savoring it so slowly is that the portion isn't very big, and I don't want it to be over right away.


I've never had Korean rice cakes before, but I really like them. Hope I can find them locally and wish I knew how great they are when I was at the store where I'm likely to find them, earlier today.


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