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With a 7am doctor appointment today, I was expected to be checked in and ready at 6:45. Thus, no time this morning for a walk or a swim. Aside from the appointment, I was banging away at the very complicated work I have to do this week. I'm finally close to the end of that, though. Not wanting to miss my Thursday walk at the tank farm, I headed over at noon. It was cold, sunny, and weird. Pictures with no clouds at all just look strange to me.


Someone sat around down there tearing up what appears to be a lovely book.


So many people were out. I'm always thinking how weird it is that the parks and beaches are so underutilized, but they just appear to be because I'm such an early bird. I even saw people in an area beyond that crane thing playing with a dog in the water, flagrantly ignoring the NO TRESPASSING signs.


Today's awesome walk, 2.69 miles in 58 minutes, 6,175 steps
2.69 miles in 58 minutes, 6,175 steps

I should probably just take the day off if I can't get a workout in early. I never have a good time or get very far when it's later.

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