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Quite a busy day. The plan was to meet our friends Scott and Paige at the Boeing factory tour at 10am, which I thought left me plenty of time to walk as much as I'd want to, but as I was getting close to the four-mile mark, I started to figure out when I'd need to turn back, and that I was about ten minutes from that time. Because being somewhere by 10:00 meant getting to my car by 9:00 so I could be back in time to shower and choke down some breakfast before we left at 9:50. I ended up really hurrying on the way back, and am glad for that, because even with the extra 15 minutes I ended up with, I barely finished my breakfast exactly at 9:50. It's really not my style at all to run late or even be just barely on time, so it was pretty stressful. But I still had a fun morning and got further on that course than I ever have. I'll probably go back in the morning because I don't work tomorrow and don't have any plans until my sister-in-law shows up at noon.

There sky was completely clear, so the sunrise was pretty boring when it finally happened. But it was amazing while it was still dark out, due to the creeping dawn on one side and the bright moon on the other.


One thing that was weird to see today was that the water wasn't shimmering at all, because it was frozen.


Well, some of it was.


It was a bummer to have to turn back when I did, but at least there was some cool fog at that point.


One advantage to the very clear sky was a nice view of Tahoma (Mt. Rainier).


Frozen beard. So butch.


As I was composing this shot, I missed the best possible version of it. A huge flock of geese flew in formation right between me and the moon, appearing slightly lower than it. That would have looked amazing.


Today's awesome walk, 8.09 miles in 2:30, 16,923 steps
8.09 miles in 2:30, 16,923 steps

One really cool thing at the Future of Flight museum at Boeing was this huge satellite photo of the area printed on the floor. That's Japanese Gulch, and a little bit of the tank farm. I was even able to find Barbara's last house on it. This was when we finally got our phones back after the tour. You can't bring them into the plant, which is a shame, because that place is amazing.


Scott, Sloane, Pierce Paige, and Garrett on the ferry. We just took a quick ride to Whidbey Island and back after brunch, before bringing them here to show them the house. A very fun day, but we're completely wiped out.


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