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Yesterday as I rushed back to the car I decided I'd try to beat my all-time distance record of 14.54 miles today. But a while later, I made lunch plans for today with my sister-in-law, and didn't want to find myself in the same situation I was in yesterday. It would take me about five hours to go 15 miles, I started my walk at 6:15, and Maria was due here at noon. So I figured I'd at least beat my Everett record, which was 10.2 miles. Plenty of time to do that.


I was out for a very long time this morning and thankfully there were clouds today, so I took a lot of photos. Click any of these to get to flickr to see more.

It was strangely bright when I got there and I found the reason why.


Nice start to a gorgeous sunrise.


One thing I really liked was these trees that blended into the background while their reflections showed up very clearly.


I've been wondering where the area they'll be flooding soon to create a new salmon habitat will be, and I think I may have found it today.


Today was the first time I saw a boat this size going through the slough! It was pulling a bunch of timber.


The hydration pack I'm currently using has nice big pockets and I was finally smart enough to bring breakfast. It really wasn't great, but I wasn't expecting it to be. A Safeway bagel with ham, egg, sharp cheddar, and Swiss, which I made in a hurry yesterday before we went to Boeing. I needed something to eat and figured I could just as easily make two at once. Even though it was just so-so, it was really nice to have on such a long walk.

Today's awesome walk, 11.55 miles in 3:50, 25,183 steps
11.55 miles in 3:50, 25,183 steps

It was tempting when I got to the car to do another three miles to beat the record, but it would have been another hour and lots of people were starting to show up. 11.55 miles is now my longest Everett walk, and my 11th longest walk of all time.

Toward the end of the walk, I was annoyed by a bunch of hunters I found shooting at ducks on the side of the park where hunting isn't allowed, who got there in a boat even though they also aren't allowed. It was nice to have an hour to relax before lunch. Tuesday's not normally a swim day, but it might be tomorrow, depending on how my back and shins feel after today.

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