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Wind chillin'

Sometimes I get to my walking location and instantly regret not going somewhere else, but I almost never get back in the car and go somewhere else. Today's one of those times I should have. Snapchat said it was 47 degrees out, but with the rain and the wind, it felt more like 27. But I was determined to press on. And I'm glad, because I saw some interesting stuff, like all this heavy equipment on the railroad tracks. There was more than I could fit in one photo.


Today's special. Or maybe yesterday's. I have no idea when they update the sign. So I'll just call them "today's."


The moon has been shockingly bright all week and still is as it wanes.


A lovely scene on the way back to the car.


Today's awesome walk, 7.13 miles in 2:14, 15,044 steps
7.13 miles in 2:14, 15,044 steps

It's been a while since I've been so far North on this route. The extra distance is nice, but that street is so loud and busy that it's mentally draining to do it.

I don't post a lot of food here, but breakfast today was really lovely. Onion bagel with cream cheese, Mediterranean-style (sun-dried tomato and olive oil) tuna, and kalamata olives, plus a pickle spear and some tomatoes. So delicious that I barely noticed how disappointing Safeway bagels are.


My friend Kristen put in a big wholesale order of air plants and let me add my requests to it, so I went over to her house today to pick those up and have lunch. When I got there, she was across the street with another woman who had a dog, trying to get a lost young German shepherd to come to them. It wasn't working out, so I went over and grabbed it by its collar, which unfortunately had no tags. While Kristen borrowed a leash from another neighbor, I continued to hold him, then the other woman tied her dog to a tree and took over with the lost dog so we could go to lunch. She originally called the city non-emergency number to be connected to animal control and got voice mail, so she called the police, who I was surprised to learn were on their way. Hopefully the dog is chipped.

When we finally went up to Kristen's house, her kittens were waiting in the window.


They're quite rambunctious, but we played with them enough to get them to sleep a while, and this one spent quite a bit of time just watching the room.


And I spotted this delightful water pattern on my car as I left.



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