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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Not a doorbuster
Lately I've been leaving a little bit later for the pool because it's nice not to ever have to wait in line to get in. Plus while the shower has seven or so heads, it feels crowded with three people in it. Getting there ten minutes after they open ensures I generally have the locker room to myself. I got there a little early today and waited until I saw all these people go in when they unlocked the door, noting there was only one man in the group.


After my swim, I had a very productive shopping trip at WinCo and Trader Joe's. Speaking of which, I still need to get the bagels and wine out of my car. Wish I thought of that earlier, as I could have included "slice all the bagels and get them into the freezer" in my burst of productivity earlier. Without that, the list still included bathing the air plants, cleaning my CPAP, and doing a load of dishes. I forgot to water the vertical garden, but I often forget that and end up doing it on Fridays.

Speaking of things I forget, I'm trying to establish a new fiber habit. I was taking capsules with my morning blood pressure pill and heartburn prevention, but when I went to buy more, I saw fiber gummies. I love gummy candy and and so glad I found an excuse to eat a couple every day! But I don't want them in the morning, so I'm trying to remember to eat them after lunch. Whenever I think about it, I say, "Lunch dessert!" and say it again when I open the cabinet door to get them. Maybe one day I won't have to do that any more, but I doubt it. I worry so much about leaving the garage door open, that I sing about it to the tune of whatever is on the radio when I start the car, and if I don't do that, I worry it's still open.

I want a webcam in the garage so I can check if the door's closed using my phone.

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I would have thought you get plenty of fibre in your diet - you always seem to eat really healthily.

Sharing a shower at a pool is annoying. Our local pool has cubicles for the showers - it's much nicer not to be next to a woman who wants to talk *eyeroll*

I think I get enough fiber, but a little extra seems to...help. :)

I definitely don't mind an open shower format but they have too many in the space. When there are two on a corner, they both point to the same spot!

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