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Friday to Today

With my swims last week on Tuesday and Thursday, my normal Thursday visit to the tank farm got pushed to Friday. Really early Friday.


I didn't see a lot since it was dark, except for one guy who's been showing up every time I go lately. He uses a cane and goes pretty slowly, clockwise, whereas I prefer counterclockwise so I don't have to spend as much time facing the bright lights of the train station. After I passed him the first time, I decided to cut across at the only point where you actually can and change directions. That led to me catching up to him about 1/3 of a mile later. After that, I did one more lap, crossed over to the Mukilteo Beach side, and then tried to head back to the car. But I found myself on the wrong side of the traffic coming off the ferry, so instead of waiting five minutes for it to pass, I kept walking up the hill to get to the Japanese Gulch interpretive trail, adding a couple of miles to the route. It was nice to see it again.


And I got to see some good graffiti on the way back to the car.


Friday's awesome walk, 6.83 miles in 2:14, 14,805 steps
6.83 miles in 2:14, 14,805 steps

Obviously the rest of Friday was a strange and awful time for reasonable people the world over. The only part of the inauguration I've watched was when Richard Spencer was punched in the head by a protester, the fallout of which has been strange to see unfold. I abhor violence, but I make an exception for nazis. And it's really gross to see people call dangerous and hateful rhetoric "a difference of opinion." Differences of opinion are debatable, and there's no debating that it's wrong to talk about whether the USA would be better off without black people. Google Richard Spencer if you don't know why he got punched. And maybe take a moment to wonder why media outlets devote any time to interviewing people like him.

Anyway, I was up late Friday arguing about that on Facebook and was very exhausted and hung over Saturday. Garrett had a meeting in Arlington, so I had pho in Marysville and then we met there to finally see Rogue One, which was awesome. And I always get good videos on the way back from there.

Obviously the footage and photos of the Women's March events all over the world were a nice foil to the inauguration.

Last night should have been a better night of sleep, but I think my nose was a little stuffy and my CPAP kept running at a really high pressure, waking me up with the noise. I got up at 5:00 instead of 4:30, and headed out just after 6:00. Just before crossing the bridge, I spotted a hilarious restaurant I didn't previously know about. Will have to go eat there soon.


It was a lovely morning at the island.


Today's awesome walk, 6.53 miles in 2:09, 14,185 steps
6.53 miles in 2:09, 14,185 steps

Two nights in a row of bad sleep really caught up with me somewhere around the five-mile mark, and I was really starting to drag. But then my favorite walking song came on my mp3 player, and I put it on repeat until I got to the car. It always puts a spring in my step, and I really enjoyed the rest of the walk.


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