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Fog chasin'

I was heading to the marina this morning, but I saw fog off to the East, so I decided to hit my normal Sunday spot to try to see it. I might have, but I was a little weirded out by another car at the other end of my current parking spot, so rather than walk past it in the direction I normally start with, I headed East first. While I may have missed the fog because of that, I don't mind that it wasn't the first part of my walk for a change. It's always so cold right by the water there. I still got really cold for a few minutes starting out, but it wasn't as bad as usual. And, for the first time ever over there, I saw a deer! It walked by me, about ten feet away. It's somewhere in the plants in this photo.


The clouds and were lit very well this morning, maybe because they were low and part of the fog. Really pretty.


Since it was a weekday, lots of cars were going by on I-5, which looked awesome on the water.

Today's awesome walk, 7.13 miles in 2:15, 15,112 steps
7.13 miles in 2:15, 15,112 steps

I nearly stopped at the 5-mile mark, but couldn't think of a compelling reason to rush back, so I headed North another mile. Hadn't been up that way in a while because I've been exploring those dirt roads so much lately.

I can't remember if I mentioned here that I bought some giant scissors for our friend who's a mayor. Today I took them up to a trophy shop to see if they could engrave them for me. They said no, but referred me to a shop up in Mt. Vernon, so I suppose I'll have that adventure on Thursday. I wish I remembered that my Tuesday conference call was moved to tomorrow, if I had I could have gone up today. Oh well. Since that shop is only a few blocks from Tacobook, I decided to go there for some takeout. Really tasty, but the red sauce is way hotter than I like.


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