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Not as bad as I thought
Thursdays at the tank farm are really great because I can go there as early as I like. The only limitation is that the spot where I park is off limits from 2:30-4:30am, but it never matters because I get up at 4:00 and always have my first cup of coffee before I head out. There aren't any hours on the Edgewater Beach side that I can find, and it's an extremely safe spot due to its location. I'm looking forward to the summer so I can see all the character again, but it still looks great in the dark.


I especially like the ferries. There are two on the route and they leave every half hour. I took a photo today, but it's kind of boring, so I just grabbed a Snapchat video from today and shared it to Instagram. It's sped up, which I do to quite a few videos on Snapchat.

I thought about just doing three laps and leaving because I had a lot to work on, but then I remembered how disappointed I am when I do less than five miles, so I did a fourth lap. It was quite busy down there today! The guy I always see was there, plus another guy who did a lap before leaving, and one more I saw entering as I started my last lap. I've been wondering about the guy I always see. Is it his daily walk? Or does he also only do Thursdays? I'm thinking about going down there on Tuesday to see if he's there. We always say good morning the first time we pass each other, but it's awkward because he walks the other direction so we pass each other several times. It's really dark and I'm always able to tell it's him, but I wonder if he can tell it's me. Should I say hi every lap? That's my awkward side overthinking things.

The light was amazing on the way out.


Today's awesome walk, 5.44 miles in 1:43, 11,580 steps
5.44 miles in 1:43, 11,580 steps

The drive home was gorgeous, mainly because of the light but also because I took a detour to see the progress at the Lion House. It's in place and lights are on inside, but it looks like they're doing to do a lot of work in there.

I didn't have a good way to estimate when I was asked how long I would need to try every feature in the system I support, not just because I've never done that, but because a normal test is tedious because I usually document every single step I take. The idea in bigger organizations, as far as I know, is that someone will write a test case and several people will follow that case and confirm they got the same results. I'm the only tester, but I still like to do very thorough work. But since I was just looking for weirdness, I decided to just keep a list of the processes I checked and make notes about anything that happened. I flew through it. Thankfully, I only found a couple of issues, one of which seemed to be due to network problems as it's not happening now.

Even though it was not a struggle to get through, I was exhausted, and napped for an hour after lunch. Then I did my Thursday chores and took a shower to snap out of my nap funk, and felt great. It's hard to execute the perfect nap, but I did ok today.