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"Let's make a burrito!"

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I was in a hurry to get back to my desk and get stuff done on Friday, so I left really early and went down to the marina. For a change of pace, I parked at the center of my normal route instead of at the South end. Not that it made a huge difference or anything. The major construction down there is well underway, and I never realized how close the water comes to the street I saw it torn up like this.


The daily special.


Not much to see during the walk, but the sunrise was nice for a moment.


Friday's awesome walk, 5.38 miles in 1:39, 11,246 steps
5.38 miles in 1:39, 11,246 steps

When work was done, I hopped in the car to head up to Mt. Vernon to get those giant scissors engraved. Unfortunately, when I got there, they said it'd take a week. They originally said it could be done while I waited, but they were in the middle of a large job when I arrived. And I won't be able to pick it up this Friday because I have a tattoo appointment, so maybe I'll go there the following Monday. There wasn't much to see up there, and I didn't get to have lunch where I wanted due to a lack of parking, but here's the sign at the trophy/engraving shop.


I went to the casino for lunch and lost $20 on a slot machine. It was fun.

Saturday at home was pretty relaxing. We watched the documentary For the Love of Spock, and then the first two Star Trek movies. It was very surreal to see the huge protests forming at the major airports over Trump's ridiculous ban of green card-holding residents from primarily-Muslim countries he doesn't have businesses in. This has gotten ridiculously out of hand really fast. Maybe that's for the best. I'm on a donation schedule but I made an exception today and gave to the ACLU, and it was awesome to hear they raised more money in one day this weekend than in all of 2016.

Today I met my friend Lisa at the Langus Riverfront Park. She hadn't seen the parts I recently discovered, so I told her to meet me at 6am, so it wouldn't be completely dark when we got to it.


The ground was no longer frozen and even a bit muddy, but it certainly wasn't hard to walk on. Thankfully we took a moment to turn around and catch the sunrise as we were talking away from it.


Lots of nice clouds today, which reminds me, I need to make a post on the Facebook Cloudspotting group.


It's not easy to see it, but there was an amazing formation of geese.


Today's awesome walk, 8.57 miles in 2:59, 19,207 steps
8.57 miles in 2:59, 19,207 steps

We walked a little further than Lisa probably would have liked, and I had a hard time because something kept poking my left foot. I didn't figure out until I got home that it was because there was a sharp rock poking all the way through the sole of my shoe.
So it'll be interesting to see how much longer that shoe is usable.

We had a nice lunch out with Bev and Dennis (my in-laws) before playing dominos and Skip-Bo back at their place. We finished the most recent season of Veep once we got home, and I'm glad to hear it's coming back for a 6th season.

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Trump is making quite the mess isn't he. Our Prime Minister isn't helping and is deeply unpopular here at the moment :(

I love the photo of the tree. Mr Cee teases me that I like 'dead' trees too much - I always correct him that they aren't dead, they are just without their leaves, and they are so interesting when you see the structure of them aren't they!

They are! A lot of the ones near Spencer Island are pretty dead, though, and don't get those leaves back. I can't say why but it'll be interesting this spring to see which ones in the area that's new to me are doing better and which aren't.

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