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Everybody! Be somebody!

For a few years in college, I went dancing every Friday and Saturday night. At the time, there really wasn't much else for a young single gay man to do in order to meet people. The first few months, I went to Albuquerque Mining Company with my friend Jennifer, but that place suddenly became a ghost town when the new club, Pulse, opened. So we went there. Eventually, Shannon (cattycritic) started coming along, and Jennifer stopped, and Shannon and I settled into a very regular routine. She lived closer to the club than I did, so I drove up to her place, used a lint brush to get the hair from her very white cat off her very dark outfits, and then we were off. We'd get to the club right when it opened at 9:00 and enjoy two discounted drinks each in the hour before the music started, then dance straight through drinking water until they closed at 2:00. We probably only missed a handful of Saturdays and Sundays during a two-year period.

The music was great, aside from the weird TV show theme remixes and the seemingly-endless supply of different remixes of "Missing" by Everything but the Girl. In the years since then, I managed to get most of the songs I liked that we used to hear all the time, but today I heard one I'd forgotten all about. I'm working my way backward through the Lip Locked podcasts by Anna Kiss, and in episode 330 she played this one.

What a treat. I can't hear it without a very vivid image of the Pulse dance floor and Shannon and I yelling along. Ever get nostalgia-related goosebumps while swimming? It's a neat feeling.

Later on in the show, there was a short bit of heavily distorted vocal samples from this track, which is a favorite from my rave days. Funnily enough, I associate it mostly with a party where my friend Nancy and I just heard a few seconds of it as we passed through a tent on our way to find somewhere to sit since she wasn't feeling well. She kept apologizing for being a party pooper but I was having just as much fun sitting around talking as I would have if we were down in the crowd.

It's been a busy and productive day, and I'm pretty tired because I fell asleep without my CPAP on for the first few hours. It's amazing how much of a difference that makes. I'd lay down for a nap, but I looked at the calendar this morning and realized I should get a haircut today and another one right before our vacation, so I texted Brenda and got today's 3pm appointment.

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