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One spot, two walks

I wanted to hit the tank farm on Friday, but there was a light dusting of snow overnight and I figured it'd be better to walk the gravel roads at Langus than go anywhere paved.


It was pretty dark most of the time, and freezing rain started when I was at the point furthest from the car. That eventually became fluffy snowflakes that were so big, they looked like slow-motion bird poop.


Friday's awesome walk, 6.16 miles in 2:01, 13,378 steps
6.16 miles in 2:01, 13,378 steps

You can't tell in the video, but tons of snow came down the entire drive home.

Thankfully the snow didn't last or stick, because I had a very important appointment. Session 4 with Jimmy! We're now nearly done with the peacock, and once that's done, we can get to work on the rest of the sleeve.


I want to do skyscrapers on the underside of my arm, but I don't want them to be real buildings because there isn't any particular city I feel that strongly about. Obviously Seattle's a big part of my life, but I'm just not into the idea of a Seattle tattoo. It'd be much cooler to do something retro-future, and I have a poster somewhere that shows that sort of view of Seattle. I need to find that and see if anything in it is usable.

This morning was another dark one over at Langus and I had a very nice time, though I turned back sooner than I normally would have because we had plans to go to a drag queen brunch at 10am and I didn't want to have to rush to get my coffee down and get ready when I got home.


Today's awesome walk, 6.21 miles in 2:02, 13,464 steps
6.21 miles in 2:02, 13,464 steps

Brunch was fun, but we had the first Uber ride I felt compelled to give a bad review for. I summoned the car and it went and sat in a nearby neighborhood. I figured maybe he got lost and was looking at the map, but he didn't move, so I finally called and asked if everything was ok. "Should I come pick you up?" he asked. Um, yes please. That's...what I asked for with the app. Very strange. Plus there was a bunch of junk in the back seat and he didn't even get it all when he reached for it, so I had to hand his hat and gloves over to him. And the car smelled weird. Thankfully we didn't get him again when it was time to go home.

The Super Bowl's on and we just saw Lady Gaga's half time show. I like that she had a keytar.


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