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No walk for me today.



I don't leave when there's a lot of snow on the ground. Even if the main roads are pretty clear, our driveway is very steep and our neighbor keeps his boat parked across the street, and I don't really feel like sliding into it. Garrett anticipated it, and left his car parked on the street, so while he didn't have to worry about the driveway, there was a lot of snow for him to clean off it.


They're not that big, but I think this is the first time I've seen icicles on our house.


Poor garden birds.


This particular tree should be ok, but I worry the bigger one in the left side of the background might lose a big branch today. Previously it's lost them to high winds, but one branch that isn't in the photo is bending way down right now.


Here's a nice view from the camera pointed at Garrett's weather station.


I don't post many food pictures here, but today's breakfast was really good. Jalapeño bagel, half with cream cheese and basil pesto, half with Vegemite and Swiss. Pickle spear and yellow tomatoes.


I got tired of waiting for MTV Classic to do another Real World marathon, so I started the 2010 New Orleans season on Hulu today. Of course I already self-spoiled some of the plot points by looking stuff up, oops. Sad to find out that Knight, who was addicted to pain pills, died a few years after filming, just like Joey from the Hollywood season.

That season's house happens to be on the market right now.


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