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Back at it

Even though our yard still has tons of snow, the roads were nice and clear this morning. It was so nice to get out to the marina for my first walk since Sunday, even though the cloud cover was solid and boring to look at. The lack of good photo opportunities made me finally remember to snap a photo of the yacht club to remind myself to check Facebook to see what the inside looks like. Nothing super special, but it's nice. At some point soon, it'll be torn down to make way for a new hotel.


This special sounds pretty good and the price isn't bad! I probably should have gone over to try it, but once my appointment to take my car to the shop today was moved to tomorrow, I figured I'd better have one of the salads I had at home.


Today's awesome walk, 5.64 miles in 1:46, 11,933 steps
5.64 miles in 1:46, 11,933 steps

The aforementioned salad, a Safeway chef salad that I added some tomatoes and half an avocado to, plus fries. I think salad and fries are great together and should be one of the standard options alongside soup and sandwich, soup and salad, sandwich and salad, and sandwich and fries.


It's been snowing most of the day today, but it's very wet out and the ground looks the same now as it did this morning, which is fine by me. Snow is pretty and all, but it cramps my style too much.


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