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Good sunrise in spite of grey

I had a really easy time picking my car up on Friday. Liz texted me when it was almost ready and I got dressed, walked down to the Swift bus stop, hopped on, got off about a mile from the shop, and walked the rest of the way. 45 minutes from text message to arrival, which was pretty great.

We specifically marked this weekend in the calendar as one to have no plans, so we watched a lot of TV Friday evening and yesterday. This morning I woke up about 90 minutes early, but stayed in bed until almost 4:30. Even though I got a late start on my walk, it was still quite dark when I got to the park.


I could tell almost immediately that there would be a pretty good sunrise. The first one in a while.


I'm really looking forward to Spring.


There are several more sunrise photos if you click through to flickr, including some bad selfies and these amazing Fibonacci doodles Louie (former lj user ltorosf) made from one of the photos. It was super fun to see them on Facebook while I was still walking.

Fibbonaci doodle by Louie

There was a nice bank of fog off in the distance that almost made me walk longer than I felt like today, but I could see that I was on the wrong side of the river to get to it.


It was quite the bird-riffic day. So many ducks and geese, redtail hawks, and even an eagle! I almost missed this heron because it stayed perfectly still, which is unusual. They typically fly away whenever I walk by.


Today's awesome walk, 8 miles in 2:45, 17,835 steps
8 miles in 2:45, 17,835 steps

Garrett was already dressed and ready for brunch when I got home. We went to Harvey's and I finally tried the Loco Moco. It was ok, but they shouldn't use Minute Rice. Garrett got the chicken fried steak, and I wish I had, too.

Loco Moco from Harvey's

Recently we saw the commercial for Fifty Shades Darker and decided it'd be funny to rent Fifty Shades of Grey. We're watching it now. It's bad. Thankfully I enjoy bad movies. Garrett's having a nice nap.


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