christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

I shouldn't second guess myself so much

More swimming today so my poor heel doesn't hate me. It seemed like there were a lot of cars at the pool, so I thought maybe if that swim team was around, I should go to the Y and buy a day pass. But I looked in the window and just the normal crowd was there. Then I got to the front door and the sign about the sauna being repaired was still up. I thought, since I'm already here, I'll just stay.

I wasn't there long before the team showed up, though. Thankfully they've had some attrition and they don't take up the entire width of the pool, so I was able to keep my corner and a couple of other people were able to go back and forth on the other side of the deep end. Even though they never ran into me like last time, it still wasn't great sharing the pool. They make the water much choppier and splash a lot as they go by, so there was lots of water in the eyes and up the nose. Oh well, I got my hour in.

I might go to the Y tomorrow. It's more expensive and the pool isn't as deep, but I'd really like to finally get some sauna time. And, while it was broken when I went last time, they also have a steam room. And they open an hour earlier than my pool. I'm not committed to anything, though. Maybe even a walk? If I wait until Sunday to walk that's more time to heal, and I've got Monday off and would like to do a bigger walk or hike then. A swim tomorrow would be smart.

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