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Friday was surprising. I mainly went to the YMCA because the sauna's been broken at my pool for a while, and they have a sauna and steam room. What I wasn't expecting was for my swim to be such a major workout. The deepest part of their pool is five feet, which didn't allow me to tread water upright, so for the entire hour, I tried various bends and twists to allow me to fit in the limited depth. That lead to my arms and legs often working against each other, which is much harder than my whole body working together to stay upright in the water. My watch recorded double the amount of "steps" during the hour in the pool, which was neat. It became an opportunity to flex and stretch my back, and I'm very happy for that because I haven't really noticed any lower back pain in the two days since.

If the pool was just a little deeper, it'd be so tempting to get a YMCA membership. The sauna is smaller than the one at my pool, but there's no steam room at my pool, and I really enjoyed it. Even though I slipped climbing down from the upper seat, nude, with three other dudes in there to see it happen. One of them admitted it happened to him, too, and I guess if you're going to fall down and break your ass, it's good if other people are around.

One of the strange things about the building is that there's no elevator, and a couple of floors are currently unused. The rooftop jogging track is referred to as the fifth floor, but there are two extra flights of stairs between there and the 4th floor. They Y is building a new location just a few blocks from our house soon, it'll be interesting to see what they do there. Anyway, I had to go up to the jogging track to see the views. Too bad there are filthy windows all around.


This cracks me up. I doubt it gets used much at all, and surely there's never   enough of a crowd that it matters which way they go.


For perspective, I got a shot of those windows on the jogging track from the street down below.


On Friday, I also finally got around to listing this item in my shop. I've had the little pots for a while, but I just recently got a bunch of tiny plants that work well in them.


Since several years before we moved up here, Everett has has just one gay bar, Bar Myx. A couple of weeks ago, they closed their basement space and moved to a building near Xfinity Arena. It's three floors, and they're going to run it as three separate venues. The ground floor is a sports bar, and we went to its grand opening Friday evening. They really should have called it a soft opening. Upstairs is the new dance club, and they're working on a lounge downstairs where all the drag shows will be. I'm mostly excited because at their old location, they didn't open until 5pm, but the sports bar will open at 11am daily. Good news for early risers like us.

After that, we had a very nice Thai dinner at a restaurant nearby which we discovered the night of the Duran Duran concert, then went to the Arena for the national curling championships. That's not an event we would have ended up at on our own, but some friends of ours were organizers. It was very nice to see them, and my friend Erika also happened to be there because her husband is super into curling.

This morning was really lovely over at Langus/Spencer Island, even though the sunrise only lasted a few minutes. I made the most of it by taking a time lapse of the best part of the sunrise and fooling around with Facebook Live for a while. My heel isn't fully healed, and was bloody when I got home in spite of the precautionary bandage I put on it this morning, but I'm not letting it stop me from hiking tomorrow.


I normally never use any filters on my photos, but this needed the black and white Ansel Adams treatment.


Today's awesome walk, 8.1 miles in 2:40, 17,642 steps
8.1 miles in 2:40, 17,642 steps

Here's that time lapse I tried to do of the sunrise. It's really hard to film in place for three minutes straight. Can't wait until my Podo camera finally arrives and I can leave it behind while I walk.



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