christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

The main problem with Presidents' Day

This song gets majorly stuck in my head every year. Especially yesterday because I didn't feel like using my mp3 player on the trail.

Don't let the 2013 date on the video fool you, that song was on an album in 1999 and I've had an mp3 since 2002 or so. I was definitely marching to it all morning yesterday. The good news is that with proper socks and a bandage, my heel didn't get any worse, but it's getting a break. I was back at my swim center today and I'll be there tomorrow. Not sure what to do about Thursday since that's not a day I like to go to my pool. Maybe one last visit to the tank farm before vacation.

As nice as the sauna and steam room at the Y are, they keep them both very hot and it was nice to be back in my regular sauna, which is finally fixed.

Got a nice fresh haircut today. No picture right now because I don't feel like putting any pomade in. Sometimes this cut looks good with no products applied, but not when it's as clean as it is right now.

Currently I'm working on my "Watch Later" playlist on YouTube. Now playing is Stone Cold, the 1991 Brian Bosworth movie. It's really something.
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