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Wrapping up

My heel isn't all the way better, but with a bandage on it this morning, a walk was totally fine. I wanted a morning at the tank farm and wasn't going to let some stupid scab stop me. This isn't a great picture of the crane thing down there, but I wanted to compare it to other shots to figure out why it was so much darker. Downtown was fogged in, for one, but there's definitely some lights off as well.


I was in a trees sort of mood.


It's getting bright earlier every day, which is great, though it was weird to see a couple of women on their way in as I left to head to the other beach. I assumed they were heading for the commuter train and didn't say "good morning" because those people are always jerks, but one of them said it to me, so obviously they were just there to walk. This might seem sarcastic, but I'm not even kidding. The people walking from the ferry to the train are always very inconsiderate to rude, and I go out of my way to avoid them. Like today, I was about to make a video of the ferry unloading, and saw they were walking off. I left, hoping to beat them to the station, but they were arriving all around me, so I did an extra lap around the hotel to give them time to clear out.

It was nice to get to the Mukilteo Beach side during low tide for the first time in a while.

Today's awesome walk, 4.3 miles in 1:32, 9,790 steps
4.3 miles in 1:32, 9,790 steps

Garrett came home feeling tired and didn't want anything when I headed out to lunch. I wasn't originally planning to do that, but one of my lottery tickets I checked today was a $30 winner, bringing my total unclaimed winnings up to $35. I was going to go cash that in, then go to My Vietnam, which is owned by an older couple who I always figured would retire soon. I discovered it was not only closed for a vacation, but that the space had been taken over by Pho So 1. If it's the same people who run Pho So 1 in Seattle, I'm very excited. It was always a favorite because their pho is great anyway, and it's the only pho place I've ever been to that has vinegar as one of the table condiments. And I've been to a lot of pho places.

So I went to Janbo instead, and while I was waiting, I noticed they have nuoc cham on their tables. I've never seen bottles of nuoc cham at the tables, probably because it doesn't last very long.

Those last two paragraphs are mostly copied from a Facebook post, apologies to anyone who read it twice. I know condiments and shop ownership are boring. Certainly there was no reason to completely retype the story in a new way.

Speaking of Pho So 1, some of my earliest LJ entries were Vietnamese restaurant reviews, and that was one of them. They used to be tagged, but I figured there was no reason to display that tag in my sidebar any more since I'm not actively doing that. Off the top of my head, I can think of two restaurants that I went to a lot back then that are closed now, plus another that will soon.


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