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Back to reality

Yesterday was mostly a travel day. It'd be hard to describe it as "brutal" because I've flown to India and back, but it was hard. They couldn't seem to get a gate for our plane leaving Mexico, and we left an hour or so late after being shuffled all the way across the terminal. That hour was a big chunk out of our layover in LAX, which had a huge impact because we flew into a terminal with no international arrivals area, so they bussed us across the airport, then we had to walk back across (outside, due to construction) to get to the gate for the Seattle flight. We got there with plenty of time to spare, but we arrived sweaty and exhausted, and much of the plane's functions weren't working while it was on the ground, so we were warm and sweaty, with no bathrooms, until we got to 10,000 feet.

Otherwise, the flights were nice. We flew first class every leg this trip, so I got to watch Bridget Jones' Baby, which I might have taken a while to get around to otherwise, and Nerve, which I really wanted to see. The meals were good, and so was the tequila, though they never seem to bring enough of that.

If you haven't heard, the traffic around Seattle is incredibly bad these days. All it takes is one or two stalled vehicles or fender benders just about anywhere, and suddenly a commute that could be done in 45 minutes becomes three hours. We have no desire to have that traffic impact our travel plans at all, so lately when we have a morning flight, we go down to the airport the day before and spend a night down there. This time we stayed at the Radisson, which was perfect, because it's next door to 13 Coins, where we always like to eat, and close enough to the airport that we were able to just walk instead of taking a shuttle. Pretty great.

We also discovered that now that we both use a CPAP, we can sleep in adjacent rooms without closing the door, so next time we need a hotel for a night, we'll try one room with two beds.

The condo Garrett found for us is in Cabo Bello in a complex called Misiones del Cabo. the way the building is set up is nice, with several staircases going up each building. Ours was at the very top of one of those, all by itself, so it was very private even though there was another one next to us and slightly above. We would have never noticed it if there wasn't a view of their deck from the very edge of ours, even though we had a window on that side; we kept the shade down because that was the sunny side and it was right behind us on the couch. I didn't even notice there was a window there until well into the second day.


The famous arches. You may have seen a closer view of them when logging into Windows.


I forgot to get a picture of all three big fish up on the walls. This one cracked me up because he looked surprised about his broken fin.


Our deck was the perfect place to watch the sun rise. I tried to get a time lapse each morning, but Hyperlapse cut the sun off the right side of one.

I'm not sure if every touristy place in Mexico is the same way, but Cabo is certainly the place to go if you want Viagra, Cialis, and any number of drugs. There's a pharmacy on pretty much every block. I'm pretty sure I even saw steroids listed on one of the signs.


We met my friend David at Cabo Blue, which is his regular hangout. Nice little outdoor bar with good food in a plaza with a sushi/hookah joint, two silver jewelry stores, and some other souvenir shops. The Cabo Blue storefront you see in the photo is their kitchen, salsa bar, and restrooms, everything else is outside.


One thing that gets old in downtown Cabo is being constantly approached for massages, cigars, and tours. The one I liked was this iguana, because I used to have some but never any this tame. David says they sedate them, but I think he's just handled a lot.


I skipped washing my hair a couple of days and it looked awesome, but on the third day I needed to wash it because it bothered my scalp. I know some people only wash their hair occasionally, and I could probably be one of those people if I got used to it, but it's not worth it because I need it clean when I go to the pool, twice a week.


Our one fancy meal was a lot of craft cocktails and some amazing snacks at the hotel next door, The Cape. They've got an amazing outdoor lobby bar, which is covered, so you get to watch the ocean without roasting in the sun. Absolutely perfect. The guacamole, salsa, and chips was made with the best avocado I've had in years. We also had ceviche and amazing duck tacos.


And of course, we always love checking in on the boys with the webcams we set up.


That's definitely a place we'll happily visit again. If we ever have the means to buy a second place that gets rented out most of the year, Misiones is definitely a contender.


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