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"Let's make a burrito!"

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I don't normally walk on Saturdays as it's my one designated day off from exercise each week. This started back when Fashion Police was on every week and we watched it Saturday morning. Since we had been on vacation all week, Garrett suggested I should take a walk yesterday if I wanted to, and that sounded like a good idea. Since it was Saturday and there were no commuters or commuter trains, I decided to finally take a closer look at the train station. It was a bit surprising to find the elevators were unlocked.



It's been raining a lot and I don't think I've ever seen so much water here.


The vines are all bare and have now taken on a different kind of beauty.


Some colorful new scribbles on this door.


I wish they would quit leaving these gates open. It's very tempting to go in and explore.


There's a hole in a fence I never noticed before that leads to a rather large area one could probably fish from much more safely than the rocky spot where people often are.


Never noticed how cool this rock is.


I've photographed this bike rack before, but never from this angle.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 4.35 miles in 1:48, 10,860 steps
4.35 miles in 1:48, 10,860 steps

We had lunch at our neighborhood hangout and the new bartender was lots of fun. She's definitely pouring as strongly as everyone else. We stopped by the nearby burger place on the way home for milkshakes, but I never got around to having mine, so there's a frozen root beer shake waiting for me in the freezer. Our new neighbor was working outside when we got home, so Garrett introduced himself. I was feeling a bit too tipsy for that so I kept walking and got the mail. Once we were home, Garrett decided to listen to music upstairs and I watched two of my favorite movies, Heathers and License to Drive.

This morning was a typical lovely morning at Langus. I was a little worried at first because it was gloomy, but it got really beautiful, really fast.


Anyone know what this is? My cousin asked me on Facebook and I have no idea.


I saw an eagle from closer than ever before!


And of course saw a heron, leaving.

Today's awesome walk, 5.36 miles in 1:42, 11,435 steps
5.36 miles in 1:42, 11,435 steps

I might have gone a little further today, but it started raining, then snowing, and that snow was blowing fast enough to hurt my eyes.

We had lunch with Bev and Dennis today at NYP Bar and Grill. The food there is great, but it was very crowded and loud. It was a relief to leave. We played poker for a couple of hours after that. Here's the obligatory picture of Bella.

Hi Bella

And here's a pin I ordered recently that arrived a couple of days ago. I don't really wear pins, but I figured I should order one now before Zima returns to the shelves and the pins possibly stop getting made. The holes in my ears are pretty big, I suppose I could wear it as an earring.

Zima pin

I have one last day of vacation tomorrow and I really wanted to go hiking somewhere further out, but it's been raining a lot and all those trails will be very muddy. It's really frustrating to spend over an hour in the car only to arrive to poor conditions. So before I head to bed, I'll look around on the map for inspiration. Garrett suggested Edmonds. I might see a movie, and I'll probably go out to lunch.

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So the trains don't run at all at the weekend? Is that because they only go to a workplace?

The Sounder is a commuter train for getting people from North and South of Seattle into Seattle for work. Not only do they only run on weekdays, they also only go toward Seattle in the morning and away from Seattle in the late afternoon.

They'll run occasion special event trains for things like football games, though.

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