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Lights out

I've mentioned before how much it annoys me that there are burnt-out letters on the hotel signs down at the waterfront and decided yesterday to finally document the sorry state of things. Before I even started that, I noticed that the little fake lighthouse wasn't even on. Strange morning.







INN __ ____ _______






INN at I/ n Gardner


IN_ at Port _______


I just can't understand why they'd rather leave them in such a state than turn them off. And how much could it cost, really, to fix them? My friend Liz recently bought some huge neon letters hoping to use them at her auto shop, and a couple of them are broken. She said it'd probably only $1,200 or so to fix them. Honestly, if I were that hotel, I'd use the opportunity to rebrand. Soon they won't be the only waterfront hotel so they need to be competitive.

The Boeing glow was strong enough to stay quite visible even as the sun was coming up.


More bad neon! This is the place with the reader board showing the daily special I always take a photo of.


As I got to the scary wooded hill next to the beach up North, I decided it was a good day to explore up there a little bit. I very nearly followed the path all the way up and back down the other side, but shortly after I got this pic, I saw what were probably bigger piles of trash, but looked like they might be people sleeping, and decided to turn back.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 6 miles in 1:59, 13,068 steps
6 miles in 1:59, 13,068 steps

A recently saw that My Vietnam, a restaurant run by an older couple, had been sold to Pho So 1, one of my old favorites from Seattle. I tried to go that day but they weren't open yet, but today was cold and wet and perfect for pho, so I went back.


When she asked how it was, I mentioned that my favorite thing about their other location was that all the tables always had vinegar alongside the normal condiments, so she offered to bring me some. I took her up on that, of course. I prefer to enjoy my pho in stages. To start, I squeeze in the lime and dump in the jalapeños, bean sprouts, and basil. After enjoying it that way for a while, I added the vinegar, and for the last third, I added sri racha. Totally delicious. If you've never had vinegar in pho, I recommend it highly. It's also good in turkey noodle soup.

Speaking of food, it's a Blue Apron week, and I made the honey/tangelo glazed salmon with faro, apple, and crispy rosemary. Good stuff, but the portion was pretty modest. We had some chips afterward.

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