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Silence and surprises

Went down for my typical Thursday at the tank farm and was surprised after I made my first lap to find a bus sitting at the train station.


Buses don't leave from there, and even the nearby routes from the ferry terminal aren't KC Metro buses. Even stranger, after I made a loop, a different bus was there.


That's when I realized I hadn't seen any commuter trains yet and figured there must be something wrong. I looked it up on my phone and sure enough, there was a mudslide. I don't know how often this happens, but it seems like it's at least once a year. It made for a very quiet morning since I only saw two freight trains. Normally there's a commuter train every half hour so I see several.

It got very bright, quite early, so I headed over to the other beach.


Form vs function.


Today was the first time that I remember ever seeing containers arrive by barge. It's a busy facility and I'm there a lot, but probably too early for the most part. I hoped to see some crane action, but there were already several containers there, so there was nowhere to put the new ones coming in. I finally figured out how all that works today. The dock has an empty space for the barge to slip into, then the crane rolls over on rails on either side. It wasn't until today that I could tell how stuff moves off the barge.


Found this fob on the way back to the car. I never realized Ahern was a real name, since I only ever heard it in the movie Hiding Out.


Today's awesome walk, 6.5 miles in 2:14, 14,527 steps
6.5 miles in 2:14, 14,527 steps

I had a long conference call at 11:00 and then set out for errands and lunch. I had to stop by the post office to pick up an envelope to mail off my passport renewal application, then stop by a photography and frame store to get the photo taken. By that point, I was very hungry, so I drove down to the marina thinking if the special today seemed interesting, I'd eat there for the first time, and if not, I'd go to the grill at the golf course. The sign I'm always taking pictures of at the marina read, "HAM BBO BURGER" which I think was supposed to be "barbecue hamburger" and I wasn't interested, so off to the golf course I went. Want a nice place.


It was cool to finally find something I like there, because my only other experience with that golf course was a huge disappointment. When we first moved here, I saw it on the map and thought it was a giant park with a complex trail system. Turns out there's a small park and the rest is golf course, and what I thought was trails is just the golf cart paths. Too bad. But now I know there's an awesome place to eat. And they even have booze at reasonable prices. I had a tequila bloody Mary, plus this awesome turkey, bacon, and avocado on a croissant.


I asked if she liked their potato salad and she said yes, and that it's made there, so I ordered that. She decided to also bring me fries so I could try both. And her pour on my drink was pretty nice. She joked that you can't order a double there.

The best part of the day came when I checked my current batch of lottery tickets and found out I won $1,000! Obviously I'm sad that I only matched five of six numbers, because one more would have gotten me all or part of $2.9 million, but my attitude is that there are much bigger jackpots so I may as well come close on a smaller one. Ha. My winnings will go straight to bills, though I did donate $50 to my old barber's GoFundMe for a new barber chair. Pretty great Thursday.

EDIT: After lunch I went to Lowe's to get plants for the vertical garden because two of the three ferns died, then planted them when I came home. I'll post a picture soon, but didn't want to today because that seemed too optimistic.


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