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Gimme dat CA$H
I was one number off from the jackpot in Lotto this week. I’ve never been so close to being a millionaire before, that I know of.

I’ve chosen to believe it wasn’t my time, and that if I ever win, it’ll be way more than the current prize, which is $2.9 million, or $1.4 million if you take the cash option.

The prize for five out of six numbers is $1,000 and I just made a nice big credit card payment with that. I’ve been carrying more of a balance than I care to since I started my current tattoo, and this money’s getting me very close to debt free again.

Except for that pesky mortgage.

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Well, hey, a grand ain't nothing! Congrats!

You are getting close.
I am allergic to all forms of debt, even mortgages so I am very grateful to have been very lucky never to have had any debt. Just the idea of it is unbearable to me and I am amazed how most people are so cool about having debt.

I used to be very apprehensive about mortgages but I love my house so much that I'm totally over that.

Yay! That must have felt great!

I check my lotto tickets on the phone app and I was so shocked to see the how much I won! I re-checked it so many times before it seemed real.

My previous biggest win was $30 so this is a nice step up.

Congratulations! $1,000.00 is always helpful!

Thank you! It definitely helped a lot, in a few weeks I should be right where I want to be.

When I play (very rarely) I really only hope for 5 out of 6 because I don't think I'd ever be lucky enough to win millions!

So now it's like your tattoo was free. :)

I've spent way more than that on it!

Haha, I wondered about that after I typed it...but now it was much cheaper!

And thanks :D

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