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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Walking for me is mainly a solitary activity, but if someone wants to come along, I always say yes. It doesn't happen very often because I go out so early. My friend Melissa asked if she could come along today and we had a great time. I didn't stop for many pictures or videos, though, because I think it's a little rude to be constantly stopping. I got this one while she was in a portapotty. :)


Of course, we both had to stop to watch some of the bigger formations go by.

And we saw an eagle! That makes two times in a row there for me.


Today's awesome walk, 8.56 miles in 2:43, 18,194 steps
8.56 miles in 2:43, 18,194 steps

Afterward, I had just enough time to get ready before we grabbed an Uber to Drag Me to Brunch, the drag queen brunch at Prohibition.

It was our third or fourth time going and the first time we saw it fill up completely. They even brought in another table! Thankfully, some new employees who were there to hang out were roped into helping, otherwise it would have been a huge disaster.

Here's the hostess, Shay Fox. She's fun.

We were quite the large group. Garrett and I shared a table with my nieces and a friend of theirs, and the next table over was one of Garrett's coworkers and her husband. The nieces and their friend drove us back home and stayed a while. Once they were gone, we watched a few episodes from the new season of Girls, which is very different from the previous seasons, plus an episode of The Crown, which is great.

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Seeing that eagle must have been awesome!

It was! Hoping to see one every time I go now, I've seen quite a few lately.

Recently when I was driving back down from Mt. Vernon, I saw several flying around near the highway, it was so cool.

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