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Swimming along

Had another nice Monday morning swim. I really love that our neighborhood has such a great swim center and that I can swim so cheaply. And it's also the cheapest swim available for me. Adults pay $4.25, but I buy a punch card, which is ten for the price of nine, $38.25. Not sure why I never thought to post the video about it that I checked out before going the first time.

That video's five years old and it's funny to see how little has changed, but what I can still spot. The backstroke flags are different colors, and the sandwich boards with the diving board rules show a lot more wear now.

I like the corner which is to the left of the diving boards if you're standing behind one. It's the only corner in the pool that isn't in a lane or by a ladder, so it's the best way for me to stay out of everyone's way. When I got there today, a woman was going back and forth between the ladder and the corner, so I swam closer to the middle of the pool until she left, which was about halfway into my hour.

Here's a song I liked from today's show, Lip Locked 320. It was a guest mix by Brett Gould, and this was the last track he played.

My shoulder was a little sore from sleeping weird so I spent some time in the hot tub, then went to the sauna. If I can get a spot close to the heat element on the upper bench, I can press my back flat up against the wall and it feels nice, but but upper benches next to it were taken up by guys laying down. The closest spot that wasn't super awkward, was across the room, and that wasn't very warm, so I didn't stay long.

I've decided my current swimsuit is my favorite type that I've worn, and that I should stock up now in case they end up discontinued. Turns out they're even cheaper now that I've paid so far! I got two more in black, two more in a pattern I like I haven't gotten yet, and one more in a pattern I've had. I'll post pictures as I use them.

Another reason I stocked up which is probably counter-intuitive is that the leg on my current suit was just a bit loose last week. I put it in the laundry and a trip through the dryer helped, but I'm not sure how much longer this particular suit will last. It sounds dumb to keep buying them, but they last through many swims and I only paid $5 each including shipping for this most recent batch. Compare that to the Speedo brand one I have, which was $25.95 on eBay, but the leg holes are tight enough to dig in. I highly doubt even if I wanted to wear those twice a week that they'd last five times as long, but I don't want to wear them because of the leg holes. So I'm glad I found the kind I'm using now.

Another garment I'm stocking up on is new boxer briefs. I already have tons, but I'm planning on getting rid of most of them, because I no longer like cotton ones. Since I listen to a lot of podcasts, I've heard tons of ads for MeUndies, but knew I'd never buy from them because they charge a lot. But I kept an eye out for more brands selling underwear made of the same fabric, modal, and there are finally lots of them selling for much cheaper. I have pairs from a couple of different brands already that I like, but I'm checking out a few more cheapie ones from AliExpress.

The reason I'm sure now that I want to toss my cotton ones is that we decided that on the first night of our vacation where we spent the night by the airport, we'd wear old underwear, shirts, and socks that we'd throw away so we wouldn't have to pack dirty clothes. After a couple of months in modal, the cotton ones felt awful. There's some weird clothing donation contraption a few blocks from here that looks like it's made from a shipping container. I should do a nice purge soon and go over there.


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