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I wasn't in the mood for the marina this morning, and didn't even have a reason why when I got in the car. But it was raining as I pulled out of the garage, and that's reason enough. It's not a place where you have to worry about flooding like Lowell, but it can get really blustery and miserable. I also knew that I'd have a lot of testing to do today, and that it wouldn't be ready for me to start right away, so I figured I'd stay out longer than normal. Tomorrow will be another long day with meetings at the office and lots of traffic, so I certainly wasn't in a hurry to get back home today.

I went back to Langus, my typical Sunday spot.

It was quite dark when I got there and there was never much of a sunrise due to the clouds, but instead, when the clouds cleared a bit in the other direction, a very bright moon emerged and it was almost like a backwards, mini sunrise. Pretty neat. The sky got more and more dramatic as I walked, and I'll just let the pictures tell the story.


Then it rained, a lot. I got more soaked than I have in a long time, and I was very thankful for how well my eyebrows do their job. I washed my gear when I got home, shoes included. I probably could have kept my feet dry and clean enough, but I wanted to go further North than we did on Sunday and the choices were to walk in the grass or the mud.

Today's awesome walk, 6.98 miles in 2:21, 15,375 steps

I'm excited about tomorrow! I'm going in early to have lunch with my brother, who works at the same campus I used to. I miss that cafeteria. I also have a niece who works there, and she's supposed to join us.


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