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Owning a body is so much work
I found two-layer socks years ago and have mostly avoided getting blisters during my walks, and am thankful for that. My feet are still a bit worse for the wear, though. The callouses haven't bothered me until recently, but I got a crack on the side of my foot that just wouldn't heal up. It never hurt while walking, but being barefoot at home wasn't very comfortable.

I decided about a week ago that it wasn't going to heal on its own and I'd have to be proactive, so I started reading up on foot care and it seems pretty simple: use a pumice stone and brush on it after a soak, put on a bunch of moisturizer, put on some socks. I haven't gone so far as to sit with my feet in a bowl, but a long shower seems like plenty, and the pumice I got has a loop of cord and hangs nicely in there.

I don't necessarily shower at home on swim days, though, so I haven't done every day, but it's already helped a lot. I've never liked lotion at all. Lots of people rub it on their dry hands and just love it, whereas when I lotion up a fresh tattoo, I have to wash my hands because the moisture bothers me. Smearing it all over my feet and putting socks on feels extra gross. Nobody likes wet feet in wet socks, so doing it on purpose is strange. But it works.

I also somehow managed to get some sore spots where the tops of my thighs juuuust barely touch. It's funny that I just posted about how I found the perfect swimsuit and decided not to wear it today because I needed a little more coverage. Thankfully I bought a lot of different swimsuits during the auditions and I had something perfect.

They worked perfectly! No pain from those stupid little sensitive spots at all. The only issue was that before I put them on, I tied the drawstring in a knot assuming it'd be just barely long enough and easily lost like on other ones I have. Turns out it's plenty long, and was tied way too loose, so I had to undo the knot. This was after my shower and it was wet, so it was difficult and my hands were sore when I was done. But I had a nice swim with no pain.

Well, no pain from that. I've had a sore shoulder for a few days from sleeping wrong. Oy.

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I'm not keen on foot lotion either, but it really does work to keep your feet from drying out and cracking. I use a little file to keep the hard skin down and I did have one of those little powered files, but they don't work for long before they give up (or perhaps I have particularly hard feet! *g*).

I was always intimidated by these kinds of things because I worried about hurting the skin that isn't hardened but that doesn't seem to be an issue at all. It's funny how long we can put off something so simple and important. :)

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