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Wednesday Night Fever

Sometimes I wonder if working from home is bad for immunity. I'm rarely in any sort of crowd. Even regular crowded places like grocery stores, I try to hit in the morning when they're empty.

I had to go to campus yesterday for some meetings, so I decided to go early and meet my brother for lunch. My niece was also supposed to join us, but she got pulled into a meeting. My badge wasn't opening any doors, so I strolled around campus doing a little troubleshooting, then met my brother outside the cafeteria. We ate early because he also doesn't like crowds, and after we were done, I went to the security office to fix my badge. Turns out, there's a new policy, and if I go 90 days without entering a building, it stops working and I have to get it activated again. I go rarely enough that I'll probably always have to do that first every time from now on.

The building where the meeting was is huge and looks like a set from a sci-fi movie. I felt like we were in The Island. Our meeting room had odd furniture and audio issues, and was way too warm.

I only mention all of this because I had a weird, long night. I don't know what time it was, but pretty soon after I fell asleep, I woke up freezing. That made no sense, because I stopped sleeping with the windows open now that I have air plants. Turns out, it was a fever. I pulled the blanket up, curled up tight, and baked away in my bed. A little while later, I had a very vivid dream in which I lived somewhere on a river that was right next to a huge volcano that suddenly started erupting. There was never any lava, but tons of smoke billowed out, and large objects started bursting out of the sides. Airplane hulls, boats, train cars, that sort of thing. I had some very near misses with things landing in the river next to me and debris flying everywhere, but managed to make it out unscathed.

It was a pretty miserable night, so I switched my alarm off hoping to sleep in a while. After what felt like forever, I got up and saw it was only 5:22. Not even 90 minutes extra time in bed.

What's weird is that within an hour, I felt mostly normal. The first time I took my temperature, it was 99.6, and a couple of hours after that, it was 97.6. I could really use a nap, but I at least need to get some dishes done. I should also get my air plants bathed, and it'd be nice to clean the CPAP, but I was several days late doing it last time, so I might skip this time and get back on my regular schedule a week from today.

I have things to do tomorrow and better feel great by then, dammit.

EDIT: I just remembered I bought two dozen bagels and a big bag of hoagie rolls this morning, and those all need to be sliced and frozen. Bread party at my house!
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