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"Let's make a burrito!"

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yo dawg
Yesterday was just lovely. Since I skipped the Thursday walk, I went to my normal spot yesterday because it just doesn't seem like a complete week if I don't go down to the tank farm. I always love this accidental plaid pattern caused by the shadows on the fence between the train station parking lot and the tracks.


The other dude that is always there seems to arrive at 6am pretty consistently. I don't think he replied when I said good morning the first time we passed, but the next time, he was talking on the phone and waved hello with his cane. Strange to be on the phone so early. A little game I play when walking is minimizing encounters with people, so after passing him twice, I walked toward the dead end and back, then changed directions.

This is the train station. I just felt like getting a good photo of it, and a nice square crop on Instagram.


I've always loved getting photos of the trees there lit up. This one was more subtle because it was brighter out than last time.


The photo I wanted and the photo I took to crop down to make it.


There wasn't really a sunrise but the other side of the sky had some nice color.


I always see a face in this building and I figured out which face it is.


Today's awesome walk, 6.34 miles in 2:03, 13,588 steps
6.34 miles in 2:03, 13,588 steps

On the way home, I stopped for a photo of the progress at the Lion House's new location. It's coming along nicely.


The gorgeous view from the small parking area above the beach.


And here's what's being built on the land where the Lion House was. Hm.


I got a haircut when my barber opened at 9am and I'm very happy with my hair right now. The top is long enough that I didn't even put pomade in it after I got home and took a shower. I just pushed it to the side every once in a while with wet hands and it stayed just how I wanted to. Here's one of the views from the chair, her shop is wild.


Originally I made plans to have lunch with lisaloopner on Thursday, but realized that was silly since I already had a solo Friday lunch plan. Lisa agreed to join me for that, so we went to Cafe Dijon. I chose it because my friend Kristen was running a pop-up shop at an event at RenewWorks all day, and I told her I'd come visit and bring her lunch. She likes Cafe Dijon and I wanted to try it, so it was the ideal choice. Their food is great and I'll definitely be back.

RenewWorks is a consignment shop with lots of really lovely furniture and antiques. I don't currently have any needs in those areas but it was fun to browse, and I found this nice owl for my friend Jenn's collection. I'm so glad she's very fast to respond on Facebook messenger so I can shoot her a photo when I find an owl and know within a minute whether I should buy it for her.


I'm very excited for Kristen. She has another pop-up tomorrow at Pottery Barn in Bellevue. Their visual merchandising department worked with to integrate her products with theirs, which is a really cool idea. I hope it goes very well and that they send her to the other locations or ask her to do a product line or something.

Lisa saw a post in a local bird watching group about an eagle's nest at Legion Park, so we went over there next to try to find it. We never did, but here's a rare sighting of a hummingbird sitting on a branch.


We took the scenic route back home so I could show Lisa around. First the marina, then we drove the crazy loops around the Port Gardner neighborhood, where we happened upon an estate sale. This dog watched over us as we parked the car down the street.


Much of what was for sale was very overpriced, like this miniature Mac that originally came with an American Girl doll. They wanted $45 for it. Rawr! I'm a giant!


Yo dawg, I heard you like tiny bags. We put a tiny bag tag on a tiny bag so you can hold a tiny bag while you hold a tiny bag.


We also went by the Lion House so Lisa could see it as well as the road it was moved on. Lisa headed home and I came inside. The house smelled great because Garrett's corned beef was in the slow cooker. It was delicious.

Garrett's corned beef and cabbage!

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A perfect post to go with a perfect day! Thank you for hosting me and taking me around to see more of beautiful north Everett! You're a capable and fun tour guide. And I am in love with the gray-and-yellow brick cropped image. Wish we could put hearts on individual images in a post. 💛

Thanks for coming up and for being flexible with the plans. :D

Now I am imagining that the house sale was all tiny things ....

That yellow-lit brick photo is AMAZING. <3

Thank you! I couldn't believe how bright that doorway is and am glad it came out how it did.

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