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In the thick of it

I noticed before leaving the house that there was a very thick fog enveloping the neighborhood, and I briefly thought about going to Lowell just in case it was more foggy than Langus, but I wanted to get my distance in, so I headed North, as usual. It was a shockingly thick fog, making it impossible to see more than a block or two. That stresses a lot of people out, but it's never bothered me. If there's no danger of sliding around on the road, I'm fine with having to focus and slow down a bit. A couple of blocks before the end of Broadway, I was suddenly out of it. There was no transition at all, it was like driving through a curtain. It bummed me out a bit, because I worried it wouldn't be foggy during the walk, but I always forget that to get there, I have to go really far North and then double back. There was plenty of fog the entire walk.


Photographic proof of the visibility. It's so weird to see the path you're on vanish not that far away.


I love spiderwebs in the fog. I bet there were a lot of really good ones at the marina today.


No clue why I never noticed the cute little creature this structure looks like before. Reminds me of some of the creatures on The Herculoids, an '80s cartoon.


They've been maintaining the loop path on the island really well so I followed it today. The bridges were really icy but luckily they all have rails on the side so it's easy to penguin-walk across while holding on.


If you zoom in, you can see the sun between the trees here.


A bit more visible here.


I don't remember seeing these before, but I love the color.


Interstate 5 bridge before and after a train arrived. I park here so I was there for a bit while I reviewed my Snapchat story and reviewed everyone else's.


Speaking of which, I realized as I went to bed last night that Snapchat helped me mostly break one of my really bad habits, which I called "rough drafting." For the last couple of years, I always found myself composing these blog posts as the events happened, basically narrating what was happening, in the past tense. It really annoyed me, but I couldn't shake it. But I noticed that as I'm telling the same story on Snapchat, I'm living in the moment more and more, and it's been a long time since I obsessed over how I would type things out later on. One more benefit of the spontaneous and ephemeral nature of Snapchat.

Today's awesome walk, 8.61 miles in 2:52, 18,851 steps
8.61 miles in 2:52, 18,851 steps

The Sunday after St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite days of the year because Garrett makes Corned Beef Hash. He's upstairs making it now, and I'm so excited to eat it.


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