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Dramatic skies

There used to be a sign for a snack bar at the marina that you pass on your way to Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island. I wanted to eat there yesterday as part of my research for a post I'm planning to submit to a local blog, but when I got there, I couldn't find one. I distinctly remember hot dogs being listed on that sign, and that was the bare minimum I was looking for. You can buy cold drinks and a few things like chips and beef jerky at one of the marine shops, and the marina office has some vending machines, but those don't really fit the bill. On the way out, I confirmed, the sign's gone. Oh well. The sky was pretty amazing.


Same shot, with the wide-angle lens.


Since I was already so far North, I kept going and ended up at an Asian buffet in Marysville. I'd been there before, but had a hard time enjoying it because it was really hot that day and they didn't have any AC. This wasn't an issue yesterday at all. It even hailed in the morning. It was a much more pleasant visit, but the food is nowhere near as good as my local buffet. On the way back, I saw that I should really be running the dashcam because the clouds were so neat, so I turned off the main road, parked, and set it up.

It's always fun to pop into Value Village while I'm there and see what strange things I can find. We have our own here, but each one is a completely different experience.


I stayed up a bit too late watching the original One Day at a Time and am pretty groggy today. But I usually don't let that stop me and I feel much better once I'm out on a walk.


Even when it's really dark, I always love my time at the tank farm and still usually find lots to look at.


The trains are running again.

The thought crossed my mind that since I rarely go to Japanese Gulch lately due to the mud, I'm losing a lot of strength since everywhere I'm walking is flat. I'll be doing six walks a week for the next two weeks after tomorrow's tattoo session, so I'll at least go up the gulch via the tracks once a week. And today, I ended the walk with a trip up the lower interpretive trail. That made me miss a lot of the sunrise, though.


The sky opposite the sunrise was subtle and lovely and I got an extended view of it as I headed back to the car.


Landscaping inspiration. We have a terraced front yard and I'd like to plant these.


Today's awesome walk, 5.91 miles in 1:57, 12,847 steps, 254ft gain
5.91 miles in 1:57, 12,847 steps, 254ft gain

It's nice to have a map with a nice climb in it again.


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