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What a fantastic weekend

Even though there's a bit more shading to do in the tail feathers of my peacock tattoo, I sent my tattoo artist Jimmy some reference pictures because I knew he was itching to start filling in the rest of the design. I knew I wanted skyscrapers and that they shouldn't be real ones, and I wanted them to either be futuristic or retro-future. I have a poster rolled up in a tube somewhere that was on the more vintage side of that, something kind of like Metropolis. But I didn't feel like tearing the closet it might be in apart and also figured it might read too Seattle since it was made for a Seattle event. But then a flash of inspiration hit. Moonbeam City! If you haven't seen it, it takes place in the future, but one envisioned from a 1980s point of view. Everything looks like a Patrick Nagel fantasy. Hilarious show and I love the visual style. It blends perfectly with my current tattoos because the existing traditional stuff is in the foreground, and now it appears that it's a traditional sanctuary far away from the city that's now being built in the background. We got a lot of outlines done and a little bit of the shading, but it was very painful and I was happy when he asked if I was ready to stop for the day. I'll share photos later, right now it's pretty swollen. Here's the artwork we referenced.

Our friend Ana was originally going to spend the night last night, but her husband Noah is in the navy and they changed his schedule, so she came Friday instead. That worked out perfectly. I prefer Friday plans to Saturday ones anyway, and she ended up scoring a tattoo appointment with another artist at the same shop. Then she watched while I got my nipple pierced. They were both done about nine and a half years ago, but my right nipple rejected it. When they got a piercer at my tattoo shop, I decided it was finally time to redo it. We consulted when I was there last time, and scheduled the appointment for immediately after my tattoo.

Friday's session was my most painful tattoo yet, and it was pretty difficult to rally immediately afterward for the piercing. But after waiting so long I wasn't going to wait, even though he didn't have jewelry as thick as I wanted. My left nipple is stretched to 4 gauge and my right is now freshly-pierced with a 10. That means I'll have to stretch through 8ga and 6ga before it's where I want. I have titanium rings that were hand made for me over 20 years ago when I built a website for a piercing studio.

The piercing wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be, even though he had a hard time pushing the needle through because of the scar tissue from the last time.

Before we left the shop, I ordered a bunch of Thai food from one of our favorite places using the GrubHub app, then gave Ana the key to the house so she could get settled in while I picked up our dinner. It's so great to be able to order with a few taps and have it be paid for and ready when you arrive! After a couple of cocktails, we ate dinner and continued visiting until bedtime.

In the morning, we went out for breakfast at Harvey's, which was delicious. I had eggs benedict with a side of sausage, plus a bloody maria. They both had chicken fried steak, which is always an excellent choice. After that, we dropped Garrett off so he could do some work for the Fly-in, then drove around to all the international stores looking for sweet Bavarian mustard, which Ana recently ran out of. None was anywhere to be found, but we had a great time checking the stores out. We picked coffee up at a drive-through stand for her, then went to the beach at Howarth Park. And of course I showed her the Lion House on the way home.

After seeing her off, Garrett and I enjoyed a nice evening of TV. Typical Saturday night around here.

And I got a great walk in at my normal Sunday spot. Not much to say about it except that I skipped the paved part, got partway up the hunting trail while it was still dark, then got much farther up a road that's usually quite muddy. There was a so-so sunrise and the water was still enough to get some really cool shots using reflections. As is often the case, I'm posting a select few of the photos, you can find more on flickr. That album now has 618 items!


Pretty sure I found an eagle and its nest!


I'm glad I happened upon this seal. I've heard this noise many times in the morning darkness and was never sure if it was a seal or a goose making it.

On the way out, I saw this hawk or eagle sitting on a relatively low branch, and it didn't even fly away when a truck pulled up. I chatted for a bit with the couple in the truck, they were nice.


Today's awesome walk, 7.46 miles in 2:49, 17,582 steps
7.46 miles in 2:49, 17,582 steps

I cut it a little bit short because I normally use my Monday swim to recover from the long Sunday walk, but won't be swimming for a couple of weeks because I'm freshly tattooed. So, extra walks are in my future, and maybe some yoga.

I made us a nice lox and bagels breakfast and then we watched Passengers after we got caught up on the DVR. There are some problematic aspects of the movie but I think the characters acted in a pretty realistic way under the circumstances.

Garrett's upstairs now making one of this week's Blue Apron meals for us and when it's ready, we can watch more movies and shows. It's been such a great few days! I really do feel like the key to a good weekend is doing something fun on Friday instead of just lounging around after work. That way you can still have two full days after the major plan.


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