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Happy Mondays

If I didn't have a fresh tattoo, today would have been a swim day, but since I do, I went down to Lowell. It's one of my closest options for a walk, but I go there the least, mainly because it's always a little creepy starting out. Though I suppose with the early summer sunrises, that'll be less of an issue. When I got there today, I went the opposite of my normal direction for a loop around the parking lot before it opened, and it was already getting bright out by the time I got to this spot.


The new housing is coming along. Last time I walked by, these were just framed up and the guys working that morning were creepily shining flashlights around inside.


I went further North than I have before and found the site of a future city park. They're already building townhomes next to it, too.


The regular shot of the houses that I always get when I'm there.


I love this time of year because all the color starts to come back to my favorite spots.


Today's awesome walk, 6.27 miles in 2:04, 13,624 steps
6.27 miles in 2:04, 13,624 steps

I spent the last few days trying to find a third spot to write about for a post I'm submitting soon to a local blog, since my original choice near Langus is gone now. I've always known there was a little convenience store by where I park in Lowell, but it never occurred to me that they might have seating and serve food. Turns out, they do, and even have beer on tap, a view of the park, and a deck! I'm kind of disappointed in myself because they even have some Vietnamese and Thai options and it's basically my mission in life to eat all the Vietnamese food in my vicinity. So I went today, but unfortunately she doesn't start making that stuff until mid-afternoon. But there's breakfast until 3pm and a bar menu, so I had chicken strips and a beer. But I'll save the photos for my submission.


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