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Darkness, dogs
I went back to Langus today since there's no swimming for a while. In fact, it'll be quite a while since because of our conflicting schedules, I have another tattoo appointment a week from Friday. That means a month away from the pool instead of two weeks. Oh well. It was nice out today, even though I got distracted by the lights on the Snohomish hillside and walked right into the big, deep puddle that's been on the paved trail for weeks. Couldn't get much in the way of photos, though.


I tried five times to get a good shot of this view, and this isn't even half as cool as what I saw. Shots like this are one reason I really enjoy Snapchat, because it makes it easy to convey with a short video how neat something looks, even if you don't feel it's worth an Instagram.


As I walked along the trail next to the wastewater biosolids storage area, I heard barking, and five dogs bum rushed me. The owner apologized, saying he wasn't expecting anyone else to be around. He was partially right, I'm usually only there Sundays. But still, control the dogs. Glad I learned a while ago how to play along when dogs are freaking out.

Nice to see the color returning in spurts.


Today's awesome walk, 7.5 miles in 2:21, 15,868 steps
7.5 miles in 2:21, 15,868 steps

I was in the mood to get some good distance in, so I walked past the car along the river for a while. Nice to see that area again, even though it's always loud because of the freeway.

There's more to share, but the video of the drive home is taking forever to process, so that's where I'll start next time.